Case Sheet of Nargis Homeopathic Clinic

Case Sheet

Case Sheet of Nargis Homeopathic Clinic

Dr. Arsalan Rauf D.H.M.S, MHS

Consultant Homeopathic Physician



We are providing you the case sheet model, you can send us this sheet after filling it to our email or you can also comment this in the comment section in the relevant disease.


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How to Explain Your Complaints:

Please write your complaints with which you are suffering. Please try to explain the expression of a complaint, various sensations etc. since how long, how much your suffering is. In a chronological order, first appeared symptom first.

History of Presenting Complaints:

Please write the history of each of the above presenting complaints.

When the complaint started?

How the complaint started?

What is the time of aggravation (increased suffering time)?

Where is the complaint exactly?

Any sensations, example: Burning, Itching, Stinging, Stitching etc? Please explain.


Past History:

History of past complaints, for example, the diseases from which you had suffered in the past. Explain in detail also the treatment you have taken for that complaint.


Family History:

Explain the health status of your family members like Children, mother, father, brothers, sisters, maternal-paternal relations, wife/husband etc. If they are suffering/suffered from any disease frequently or any long-standing disease explain?


Habits & Addictions:

Please explain if you have any habits like a cigarette(how many/day), alcohol (how much), or any other?


Also,  explain your Height and Weight


General Status:

Explain your general status like any special or abnormal characters regarding your hair, skin, eyes, lips(color), teeth, tongue, nails etc.


Physical Generals:

In this section, you need to explain about your thirst, appetite, sweat, stool, urine and sleep. In addition, tolerance to cold and hot weather etc?. Also, use the below fields.


Desires & Aversions:

Explain the things which you like much to eat, dislike, not tolerable or gives trouble if taken.



Please write your mentality like angriness, weeping tendency, fearfulness, anxiety etc. Please take the help of your life partner or close friend to fill this field.



Please also write details of investigations of your disease, you had undergone. in the form of lab reports if you have any please write those details here OR send as an attachment.