homeopathy facts

Homeopathy Facts

Best Homeopathy Facts and Myths

Myth: Homeopathy is slow to act or slow treatment

Fact: It is a false allegation because homeopathy acts fast in acute diseases or conditions. It includes infections, fever and diarrhea. The chronic disorders or disease including psoriasis can take a longer time to treat, therefore, people label homeopathy as slow treatment. So one can claim that homeopathy may be slower than pain-killers, steroids and anti-inflammatory medicines in some cases. Everyone should be aware of this fact that homeopathy works faster in the treatment of asthma, allergy, eczema, migraine and arthritis. To conclude, we can quote the example of the well-known story of tortoise and rabbit. Homeopathy works like a tortoise in our life and that story.

Myth: Homeopathy is helpful or useful in chronic diseases and has no effect in acute diseases

Fact: Homeopathy is the best treatment for treating acute diseases and it is also one of the homeopathy facts. Homeo expert or Nargis homeopathic clinic is treating a number of acute cases. It includes pneumonia, tonsillitis, cough and cold fever etc. Hence it is a real alternative treatment for different acute conditions or disease.

Myth: Anti-biotics are at home in treating or handling infections

Fact: It is a disbelief prevailing in this modern age in which we are living. There are thousands of medical practitioners and doctors observe that homeopathy responds to all the infections. It is one of homeopathy facts that it can also treat bacterial infections. It seldom happens when the infection is at its prime and the body does not have the power to recover. In such cases, we may need antibiotics but we cannot use them along with homeopathy. We are of the view that soon homeopathy will be accepted as the latest antibiotic.

Myth: Homeopathy is only a placebo effect and faith healing

Fact: Everyone is observing the effect of homeopathic medicines, therefore, we cannot conclude it as a placebo effect. We have observed healing effects of homeopathy on infants, newborn babies and animals. These homeopathy facts go against the placebo effect. Therefore, we can sum up the above discussion by saying that it is a myth that homeopathy is a placebo effect. It is an insult to homeopathy because people who claim that are superstitious and do not observe anything.

Myth: Homeopathy gives relief in functional problems including pain, weakness and there are no structural changes in the body

Fact: Homeopathy is competent for the treatment of structural pathology. There are several cases that show the reversal of structural pathology which shows that efficacy of homeopathic action. Those who do not believe in homeopathy should go through cases to know about homeopathy facts.

Myth: Some quacks are practicing homeopathy and it has no scientific background

Fact: Nowadays, Homeopathy has been practiced by conventional doctors in different parts of the world. The founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann MD was also a German scientist and practitioner of modern medicine. If someone is of the opinion that we are quacks, he is living a fool’s paradise.

Myth: Homeopathy is a miracle and it can cure every disease

Fact: Homeopathy can cure all the diseases but we may fail in many cases. we are working hard to heal the suffering patients or humanity. Homeopathy is not an ultimate medicine, nothing is ultimate in this universe.

Myth: Is homeopathy make my symptoms worse in the beginning then it will bring improvement? I cannot bear with worse symptoms that I am having this moment

Fact: It is not true that homeopathy will give rise to your symptoms. If the patient is facing any aggravation after taking the homeopathic medicines, it is coincidental. These homeopathy facts show that homeopathic remedies are not harmful. The myths which are associated with homeopathy are not harmless.

More Facts and Myths about Homeopathy

Myth: Homeopathy is only a herbal medicine

Fact: Homeopathy is not only a herbal medicine. The source of the medicines is animals, herbs, chemicals, organisms and minerals etc. Therefore, we can associate it with herbal medicine partially. Homeopathic medicines are prepared on the scientific principles and philosophy.

Myth: Homeopathy can cure all diseases

Fact: No system of medicine can cure all the diseases because there are some diseases which need surgery.

Myth: Homeopathy is a placebo therapy or treatment

Fact: We have been using homeopathic medicine for 200 years in more than 170 countries. We should go through homeopathy facts before coming up with something. If anyone is claiming that it is a placebo therapy, he is an ignorant person.

Myth: Homeopathy increases the disease in the beginning

Fact: There are some diseases in which it may give rise to the symptoms including eczema. We can say about 5 percent of cases if the medicines are not professionally prescribed. We can conclude that this notion is a hyperbole against homeopathy.

Myth: Homeopathic medicines consist of steroids

Fact: It is an inappropriate statement that homeopathic medicines consist of steroids.

Myth: Homeopathy is a very slow treatment

Fact: Homeopathy is a little slower than other modes of treatment i.e conventional medicines. But it is not very slow treatment. It deals with chronic and complex cases, you may find it slow and long treatment but it is not.

Myth: Homeopathic medicines can be taken together with conventional medicines

Fact: No, it is not because homeopathy evacuates the body from the disease. Whereas conventional medicines try to suppress the disease. Therefore, we should not take them together.

Myth: Homeopathy is a very fast treatment

Fact: It is neither fast nor slow which is one of the homeopathy facts. The pace of homeopathy depends on the nature of the disease which is under treatment.

Myth: Homeopathy guarantees to give permanent cure

Fact: No one can give you a guarantee of your next breath. How can homeopathy give permanent cure? In fact, the word permanent is theoretical and we cannot promise a permanent cure in difficult cases. It is due to the fact Allah can bless you with health.

Myth: We cannot take coffee or onion during homeopathic medication

Fact: Firstly, coffee and onion are not prohibited in medication. If you are suffering from skin diseases or allergies, you should go with the opinion of doctor about the onion. There are several people who are allergic to coffee and they cannot absorb it. Therefore, we can suggest Coffea cruda for this ailment. Otherwise, other diseases do not prevent you from using an onion or coffee. That is why we are coming up with homeopathy facts to aware you of facts.

Myth: Homeopathy cannot cure cancer, mental disorders, heart blocks, cataract, hernia and hydrocele

Fact: It is not true because we have treated several cases of cancer and rest of the diseases. At times, homeopathy is not helpful in some surgical diseases such as appendicitis.

Myth: Investigations including Blood reports, Urine R/E and Ultrasound are not necessary for homeopathic treatment

Fact: Every homeopath needs all sort of reports or investigations to prescribe you effective homeopathic treatment.

Myth: Homeopathic doctor does not require diagnosis for homeopathic treatment

Fact: Diagnosis is a part and parcel of prescription and it will help you to prescribe the best medicines.

Myth: Homeopathic doctor prescribe medicines only on the basis of mind symptoms of the patient

Fact: It is another misconception about homeopathy. Homeopathy encompasses diagnosis, mental symptoms and study of disease. There are several types of symptoms are also necessary to keep in mind.

Myth: We should not take Vitamins and iron-tonic during homeopathic treatment

Fact: Vitamins are good for the health of a patient if necessary. We should not take any medicine without the advice of the doctor. Vitamins do not affect homeopathic medicines, therefore, you can take them along with homeopathic remedies.

Myth: Homeopathy is against the surgery

Fact: Homeopathy does not discourage surgery. Additionally, you can avoid surgery in several surgical diseases such as fissure, piles and tonsillitis. After going through homeopathy facts, you need to change your opinion about homeopathy.

Facts and Myths Several Homeopaths have

There are numerous myths about homeopathy which are affecting not only the patients but also homeopathic doctors. We have observed several common myths when I interact with different students and teachers. We are going to describe some of those myths one by one. The development of myths about a scientific faculty is due to the lack of research and education.

We can discuss every myth in detail and we have provided several homeopathy facts too for them. Homeopathy facts will help in correction of thinking of various people. Some of them either consider them basic understanding or rules in homeopathy. We are adding these content to replace the homeopathy myths with homeopathy facts.

  • All diseases are curable by using homeopathic medicines if symptoms agree
  • The causes of all diseases are mental or emotional attributes.
  • If the medicines are matching with the mental symptoms, we do not need to match it with the physical symptoms.
  • In addition, if we repeat the medicine after improvement, it will give rise to the symptoms.
  • If we repeat the medicine it will suppress the disease. Although homeopathy does not support suppression.
  • The medicine will be considered correct if it will cure the diseases permanently.
  • If anything is not available in written form in Organon, it does not exist.
  • If we choose the right medicine, it will give rise to the disease in the beginning.
  • When the medicine is giving rise to the disease, it shows that the remedy is perfect.

Additional Homeopathy Facts and Myths

  • If the mental symptoms are improving and the physical symptoms are getting worse. It means that the medicine is right and cure will follow.
  • We cannot repeat the nosodes including Tuberculinum, Carcinosin, Psorinum, Medorrhinum.
  • Homeopathy is not a profession but a religion.
  • Homeopathy is based on spirituality and it is not a science.
  • Surgery will always suppress the disease it is also against the homeopathy facts.
  • Homeopathy is final or ultimate and there is no need for further research.
  • Homeopathy can cure several diseases because they are available in repertory. It includes hydrocele, tumors, paralysis, cataract and hernia etc.
  • If you are a good homeopath or homeopathic doctor, you should use single remedy or dose. In addition, you should not change the medicine even if the patient is not getting better.
  • Homeopathy cannot cure paralysis, coma and other hopeless conditions.
  • You can practice homeopathy without the knowledge of medicine and medical training.

To conclude, we should not come to the conclusion before proper research about anything. If you have any questions and want to learn about homeopathy, you should go through these homeopathy facts.