Best Online Homeopathic Treatment in Pakistan

best online homeopathic treatment

Online Homeopathic Treatment for Patients within Pakistan

Currently, we are dealing with patients from all over Pakistan. Dr. Arsalan is providing professional online homeopathic treatment services in Pakistan from his clinic to all cities of Pakistan.

The consultation charges for Pakistani patients are 500 PKR only. The charges of medicines are separate from the consultation and vary from case to case.

Furthermore, the duration of the treatment also differs from case to case, for instance, dengue fever can be treated within 5 days whereas down syndrome may take more than a year.

Here is a Step by Step Guide on how to start the online treatment:

Step 1: Submit the consultation fee (500 PKR) using one of our payment methods and share the proof with us after submitting the fee.

Payment methods for Pakistani patients are:

Bank Accounts

1) Account Name: Arsalan Rauf

Habib Metropolitan Bank A/C # 6026620311714121008

2) Bank Account Details

Account Name: Arsalan Rauf

Standard Chartered Bank A/C # 01243360501

3) Telenor Microfinance Bank A/C # 03455913276

Account Name: Arsalan Rauf

EasyPaisa Mobile Account:


Account Name: Arsalan Rouf

Jazz Cash Mobile Account:


Account Name: Arsalan Rauf

Step 2: Make a call to Nargis Homeopathic clinic (0345-5913276) and discuss your case with Dr. Arsalan. Your prescription will be ready after the discussion of your case.

Step 3: You need to pay the charges of medicines, you will be asked to provide your address to receive medicines at your doorstep. An extra 500 will be charged for courier services. You will receive the medicines in 1-5 days depending upon your city.

For more details, read our Shipping policy here.

Online Homeopathic Treatment for International Patients

Currently, we are sending homeopathic medicines through courier services to different countries around the globe.

At present, we charge 40 USD, GBP or Euro as a consultation fee from international patients. The medicine charges vary from case to case.

Dr. Arsalan is providing professional online treatment services from his clinic.

Here is a step by step guide on how to get online treatment internationally:

Step 1: Make the payment through Western Union (40 USD) in the name of Arsalan Rauf and share the MTCN number with us.

Step 2: Send an invoice for online consultation through email @

Step 3: A case sheet will be sent to you after withdrawal from Western Union. You need to fill it and submit it back through email or Whatsapp. After doing so, you will receive a call from Dr. Arsalan on WhatsApp to discuss your case/issue.

Step 4: You can either get the prescription if the homeopathic medicines are available in your country or you can get it through courier services as per your choice.

Nargis Homeopathic Clinic has been serving patients from different countries around the world for more than 9 years now.

Our online treatment helped a lot of international patients who were looking for quality homeopathic treatment.

What is Online Homeopathic Treatment?

The purpose of online homeopathic treatment is to facilitate the patients in other cities as well as in other countries and the patients can get their medicines at their doorstep anywhere in the world. The payment can be made online using the preferred payment methods.

How can one provide treatment services without seeing the patient?

The process can be done effectively using modern tools such as email, sending pictures, audio, and video chat online.

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