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What is Homeopathy or Homeopathic definition?

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine which also refers to as homeopathic medicine. The originator of homeopathy is Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and he developed it in Germany in 1796. He claims the philosophy of “Like cures like” and it was available more than two hundred years ago. He was of the view that if a substance causes certain symptoms in a person then it would remove similar symptoms in ill masses. Homeopathy is a gentle, natural and safe system of treatment that works in your body to cure symptoms. It will restore and improve your health. It is extremely safe not only for adults but also for children.

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There are several people who are of the view that it is a slow treatment. In order to understand this, you have to go through the basic principle of homeopathy that is like cures like. It means that homeopaths give similar impressions in the form of medicine which is similar to the disease in the body. We can say that homeopathic medicines encourage body’s own healing process. Therefore, Homeo expert cannot say that homeopathic medicines are slow they act as our body’s healing processes. The healing of the body depends on various factors. It includes the time since the disease in the body, the intensity of the disease, and also the vitality of the body.

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Beliefs about Homeopathy:

Another point of view against homeopathy is that of “Coffee and Onions”. It means that should we avoid coffee and onion while using homeopathic remedies. They are also of the view that they can antidote the effect of homeopathic medicine. We think that it is only a myth because we use onions as well as homeopathic medications. It works and we do not give advice to our patients to avoid onions and coffee. Apart from this, if coffee affects our health then there is a medicine for it that is Coffea Cruda.

In addition, there are some skeptical people who are of the view that homeopathic medicines have the ability to increase symptoms. Homeo expert answers to this question is that it does not happen always. There is a reason for this increase in symptoms because these symptoms are suppressed by conventional medications. Therefore, the patient will feel an increase for a while but it is followed by relief.

Hahnemann Contribution to Homeopathy – Homeo expert :

He was born in the 17th century (1755) and died in the 18th century (1843). He was the founder of this movement which we call homeopathy. The structure of the movement was so powerful that it left an unshakable impression that one could not even imagine. He did not only introduce homeopathy but he also reshaped the medical world with his ideology in which the world would always perceive the principles of health. After going through his philosophy, one can easily realize the importance of a safe cure and the capacity of the body to heal itself. It is only possible because of his teachings and application.

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At first, he was an allopathic doctor but he failed in his practice. Then he discovered homeopathy and started testing small doses of medicine on himself.

Why Do We Choose Homeopathy?

Firstly, it does not have side effects. Secondly, it does not suppress the disease like other methods of treatment and improves our immune system.  Thirdly, you do not have to take bitter pills as well as painful injections. Lastly, it is not costly and it saves you from surgery.

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According to the report of WHO (world health organization), it is the second eminent system of medication for primary health care. Homeopathy performs all the experiments on healthy people not on animals. Homeopathic medicines are not as costly as other conventional medicines. It costs about 5$ to 10$ per bottle and they are long-lasting.

What Homeopathy is?

Homeopathy is a scientific, safe, quick, logical and extremely effective method of healing the body. It treats the disease from its roots and gives a permanent cure. We can say that homeopathy is one of the most rational sciences with its concept of disease, health and cure. Homeopathy does not treat superficially by just remove the symptoms but heals the patient from inner. We can undoubtedly claim that homeopathy is the future of medical or medicine of future.
In homeopathy, homeopathic medicines are prepared from different sources including animals, vegetables, minerals and chemicals. There are over 4000 medicines which go through the process of potentization. Hence homeopathic remedies are in its ultra minute dose are non-toxic and harmless. They influence body’s energy to bring about a safe cure.

Homeopathy is a Substitute for Many Infections

We can use homeopathic medicines as an alternative to antibiotics in infectious diseases. Homeopathic remedies do not produce toxic side effects and bring about instant recovery. We can include several infectious diseases such as Pilonidal Sinus, Sinusitis, Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, pus from ear, Dysentery, UTI and Gastroenteritis.

Homeopathy Gives Wonder Treatment for Viral Infections

Homeopathy is efficient in viral infections including Influenza, Measles, Chickenpox, Mumps, Jaundice and viral meningitis. Allopathic does not have curative treatment for viral diseases and they give antibiotics to avoid secondary bacterial infections.

Homeopathy Avoids Surgery

Homeopathy is not against surgery because it is a science itself. It supports surgery where medicines have no role and the only operation can cure or improve the situation. There are several surgical diseases where homeopathic medicines are effective. It includes Tonsilitis, Piles, Fissures, Pilonidal Sinus, Fistula, Appendicitis, Polyps, Kidney and Gall bladder stones. Additionally, homeopathic remedies are also useful in treating Uterine Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts and Warts etc.

Homeopathy Answers to Allergic Diseases

In the modern age, homeopathy gives effective treatment in all allergic diseases including skin diseases. It includes Eczema and Urticaria. Additionally, it is also useful in psychosomatic disorders including Migraine, Acidity, Peptic Ulcer, Allergy, Asthma and Ulcerative colitis. Homeopathy also has the ability to influence the state of mind. Homeopathic medicines can alleviate emotional disturbances including anxiety, insecurity, OCD, jealousy, suspicion, fears and depression etc. Therefore, we can say that homeopathic medicines can treat emotional and mental disorders.

Homeopathy is a Complete System of Medicine – Homeo Expert

Homeopathy is a vast field which is not limited to certain diseases. It encompasses all diseases and the time will come when the people of the world will aware of the benefits of homeopathy. Homeopathy is helpful in almost 90% of the diseases prevailing in the world.

What Homeopathy is not?

Homeopathy is not a Placebo Therapy – Homeo Expert

There are several skeptical people who criticize homeopathy as placebo therapy. We can also include the reference of Wikipedia which also shows that. It is happening because of the lack of research. The results of homeopathy are measurable and documentable as well. Therefore, we claim that homeopathy is not a placebo therapy.

Homeopathy is not Faith Healing – Homeo Expert

There are also some skeptical people who are of the view that homeopathy is faith healing. Homeopathy has been working for those who did not believe in it. Additionally, domestic or wild animals also respond to homeopathy, so it is not placebo therapy.

Homeopathy is not Necessarily “Single Remedy” or “One Dose Treatment”

Homeopathic professionals or doctors are taught to use a single remedy at a time. This rule is applied to all the patients and all the time. The homeopaths become emotional when it comes to the discussion of the usage of more remedies in a case. Homeopathy is entering into a scientific discussion which we call poly-pharmacy (multiple medicines).
You cannot cure a complex disease by using a single remedy. We cannot deal with different diseases including Ulcerative Colitis, Dengue fever, Dialysis, Cancer and Paralysis. It is not possible to use a single remedy in these cases because the delay can be harmful or detrimental.

Homeopathy is not that Slow – Homeo Expert

The followers of homeopathy claim that homeopathy is not a slow treatment. In fact, this statement is partially or 50 percent true. Additionally, homeopathy is not slow in chronic cases or diseases. It is slow in acute diseases and very slow in critical diseases.

Homeopathy is not Very Fast

As we have discussed earlier that homeopathy is neither slow nor fast. At times, it is fast enough and sometimes it is very slow.
Homeopathy is a very old system of medicine and it is not relevant today
In fact, homeopathy is among the newest medical systems because it is 210 years old. Homeopathy is introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). Conventional medicine was introduced by Hippocrates (460 BC – 370BC). To sum up this discussion, we can say that homeopathy is a young science and it is also evolving.

Homeopathy is Recognized by WHO or US?

Yes, homeopathy has approval for homeopathic remedies in the most developed countries. WHO has approved homeopathy and it accepts homeopathy as an alternative system of medicine. Additionally, most of the developed countries have recognized medical colleges. It includes UK, USA, India, Pakistan, Germany, Australia and other 149 countries. Several scientists, medical doctors, PM, presidents, government officials, authors, film stars and teachers give preference to homeopathy.

Homeopathy is Good for Chronic Diseases – Homeo Expert

It is possible that your doctor will not tell you about the importance of homeopathic treatment. This suggestion does not occur because of lack of experience, ignorance and fixed ideas. Conventional treatment is only good for acute diseases whereas homeopathy is at home in acute and chronic cases. Additionally, there are several conventional doctors who give preference to homeopathy for themselves and their family. Only a few will admit it. Conventional doctors are having this opinion because of limited knowledge which is based on our education system.
My experience tells that conventional doctors consider homeopathy when their family has no choice. It means that if his family is suffering from such a disease which is incurable in conventional treatment. They will think of alternatives in which we can include homeopathy.


None of the medicines mentioned at Homeoexpert.com should be used without clearance from your physician, Doctor, or health care provider. We are not claiming any guarantee of curing any disease which is ‘incurable’ on the basis of scientific facts by modern medicine. The content of the website is not a substitute for direct, professional and personal medical care and diagnosis.

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